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An electronic chess set is a modern and technological option that allows players to enjoy chess with interactive features and assistance to improve their playing skills. This type of set includes an electronic board with sensors to detect the movements of the pieces and an electronic unit that displays the board and records the movements.

Some characteristics and advantages of an electronic chess set are:

  • Guided Moves: The electronic unit can guide beginning players by showing possible legal moves and helping them improve their skills.
  • Game Log: The set can save the full game log, allowing you to review it later or analyze it on a computer.
  • Difficulty Levels: Many electronic sets offer different levels of difficulty, allowing players of different abilities to find a suitable challenge.
  • LCD Screen: The electronic unit usually has an LCD screen that displays game status, game times, plays, and other relevant data.
  • Game Options: Some electronic sets offer different game modes, such as quick games, timed games, or even special challenges.
  • Training and Tutorials: Some sets include training features and tutorials to help players improve their chess skills.
  • Portability: Electronic chess sets are usually compact and easy to transport, making them ideal for playing anywhere.

These electronic chess sets are a great choice for players of all levels, from beginners to more experienced players who want to improve their game and enjoy a more interactive and exciting chess experience.

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