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Our chess packs are exclusive and unique. In this part of the store you will find different chess sets different from all the others. And they do not belong to any catalog, but we prepare them from 0. We combine different boards and pieces to create unique and different packs.

Sometimes you do not find what you are looking for in life, this also happens in chess. Many times we like a board but we can't find the right pieces. Or we simply have to buy both things separately in different stores. This means investing more time and surely more money.

Escacimat knows chess players well and that is why we have created these unique chess packs in the world. Different boards and pieces that we choose, combine and photograph are composed.

The different chess boards and pieces can be from different manufacturers, so you will never find them in a complete pack. However, we have created these packages that can include material from different suppliers, in order to create new sets of boards and parts.

We have different packs of different styles and materials. We also have chess packs designed for beginners, professionals and experts. All our packs already have a small discount included, so they are cheaper than buying them separately.

We offer chess packs of different materials, mainly plastic and different woods. We have also made some of superior quality that use materials of the highest ranges. If you have any suggestion or need other than those we offer, do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you.

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