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Chess Clocks: Digital and Analog for Accurate Play

If you are looking for a chess clock to play your most professional games you have arrived at the right place. In our chess shop you can find both analog clocks and digital clocks.

If you are an old school player you are surely looking for an analog chess clock. Although its use has been relegated by digital, analog chess clocks are still as functional as the first day.

Analog chess clocks

Analog clocks were born in 1900 with the aim of never ending chess games. From then on, managing time was one of the keys to professional chess games. If you want to become a great player, you must practice in time for your brain to get used to thinking under pressure.

We have several models of analog chess clocks that are made up of their already two classic dials and their alert flag. The best selling model is the BHB Turnier, simple, but of amazing quality in all its materials and guaranteed German reliability. We also have other models of different colors and materials.

Digital chess clocks

Digital chess clocks are here to stay, as they allow more accurate time control. In official competitions digital chess clocks are used, so if you want to practice in a realistic environment you should use them.

Without doubt the most coveted model is the DGT 2010, the official FIDE watch. We have more models with different functionalities and prices. Remember that if you need large quantities or something special you can contact us.

The digital chess clock has allowed the introduction of the current rule of increment per play. If you want to compete or practice real chess you must play with digital clocks, since analog clocks do not have this function.

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