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Earn money recommending our products with the EscaciMat affiliate program

Do you want to make money easily and without investment? The Escacimat affiliate program is what you were looking for. If you are president or head of a chess club, you have a website or blog, or you are a crack of 64 squares, our affiliation program may interest you.

Imagine that a friend asks you what board can be bought and you, just for recommending your favorite, you get a commission for the sale. This can become a reality if you sign up for our affiliate program. For each customer who buys in our store from you, you will earn 7% for each recommended product. (taxes excluded)

How does the Escacimat affiliate program work?

1. Register on our website through the form of our affiliate program, you only have to fill in the relevant fields with your information.

2. You will get a personalized code so that you can give it to all the people to whom you recommend our products. So we know that they come from you. It is very important that they use this code, if not, you will not get the relevant commission!

3. Once we have received the order and shipped the products, your commission balance will increase. You will have a panel where you can view everything you have earned so far.

4. When you have accumulated € 50, you can ask us to pay your commissions by bank transfer or PayPal.

You can also exchange it for a discount voucher to use it directly in our store to buy that whim that you wanted so much, in this case we will add 15% more to your commission.

Reasons to join the Escacimat affiliate program

1. We are experts in Chess, we have been in the teaching world since 1995 and more than 5 years with our online store. Now, we are launching this program to help us continue growing.

2. If you already recommended all kinds of chess products, why not make a profit from it? This program is ideal for chess clubs, teachers, professional chess players or anyone immersed in this wonderful world.

3. Remember that we only sell high quality products, so you will be recommending the best existing chess products. Our catalog is wide and varied: boards, pieces, electronic boards, clocks, books, programs, trophies, etc. You will be able to recommend a lot of excellent products.

Join our affiliate program and start earning money now!

If you think you are ready to take action, sign up for our affiliate program and start earning money by recommending Escacimat products. Sign up right now by filling out this form. Thanks for trusting us.

Write us an email to sign up!