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Electronic chess pieces are chess pieces with built-in motion sensors that allow moves to be recorded and transmitted to an electronic board or computer. These pieces are designed to be used in electronic chess sets, where they communicate with an electronic unit that records and displays the state of the game.

Electronic chess pieces generally have the following characteristics:

  • Motion Sensors: Each piece is equipped with motion sensors that detect when they are picked up and placed on the board.
  • Unique identification: Each piece usually has a unique identification, which allows the electronic unit to correctly recognize and record movements.
  • Power supply: In order to work, the electronic parts require a power source, which can be batteries or through a connection to the electronic unit.
  • Wireless Communication: Some electronic chess sets use wireless communication between the pieces and the electronic unit, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

These electronic pieces provide a more interactive and versatile gaming experience, as they allow you to play against the computer or online, save games and access analysis and training. In addition, they are especially useful in tournaments and competitions where it is important to have an accurate record of the plays.

DGT offers a wide selection of handmade pieces. The pieces are compatible with all existing DGT electronic boards, Smart Boards and the Revelation Chess Computer. Most of the pieces are available in normal version and in lead version. Of course all DGT chess pieces are supplied with four checkers, two of each colour.

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